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Let’s Talk About Cough is a public engagement project raising the profile of chronic cough by sharing stories, knowledge and perspectives in creative ways.

Everybody at some point will suffer from a terrible cough. For most people, the cough soon disappears, but for some it never does. It is easy to dismiss chronic cough as ‘just a cough’. But few of us appreciate the physical, psychological and social impacts, nor the stigma of being unable to control a reflex that others find irritating and even threatening.

Let’s Talk About Cough is helping us understand the impact that cough can have on people’s lives.

We have built a community of people living with chronic cough and doctors and researchers who work on the condition. Together we are exploring and sharing experiences of cough, the biology of cough and the treatment of cough.

We want chronic cough to be taken seriously by everyone.

Our Projects

The first phase of Let’s Talk About Cough was our Story Exchange, an online programme of creative workshops to share stories about cough.

We then transformed these stories into a listening experience called One In Ten.

One in Ten is an eye-opening experience layering moving personal stories with a fascinating journey into the mysteries of the human body. You will be gently guided through an imaginative, powerful and evocative soundscape and invited to walk in the shoes of people deeply affected by a complex and misunderstood condition.


Let’s Talk About Cough runs alongside a research project investigating the biological mechanisms of chronic cough, led by Professor Jacky Smith and Professor Maria Belvisi