What is Chronic Cough?

Chronic cough is a cough that lasts longer than eight weeks, doesn’t go away and doesn’t respond to treatment.

It affects around one in ten of us and can have an huge impact on someone’s life. People who experience chronic cough often feel that their condition is not taken seriously by those around them.

Coughing is one of your body’s many defence mechanisms. It is activated in the brain when you inhale an irritant such as smoke or perfume. All of us at some point will suffer from a terrible cough, usually combined with cold or flu-like symptoms. For most of us when the cold goes away, so does the cough, but for some people, it never does.

If you are affected by chronic cough then you will know how debilitating the condition is. Sleepless nights, social embarrassment, urinary incontinence and blackouts are just some of the symptoms that you may be struggling to deal with. You are not alone.

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Pocket Book

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This website is for general information only. If you, or a friend or family member, are affected by chronic cough, here are some resources that we recommend. If you think you might have chronic cough, you should always contact your doctor or healthcare provider for advice.