One in Ten - an immersive audio experience

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Set Up Guidance

One in Ten is designed to be experienced in a public library, but it’s your choice where to listen.

You will need a pen or pencil and a small notebook or some paper. One in Ten is suitable for people aged 14 and over. The experience lasts 30 minutes.

If you can, take a wifi-enabled phone or tablet and some headphones to a public library. Many libraries have free wifi, but check in advance. Find a seat in a quiet corner to begin the experience.

If you are not in a library, try to position yourself near a bookshelf or some books if you can.You will be guided through the experience and sometimes given simple instructions. It is always your choice how to respond.

You can listen on your own, or you might like to meet a friend or a small group of people to experience One in Ten.


Some parts of One in Ten are accompanied by text on the screen, if you want to read along. If you would like a full transcript of One in Ten, you can download it here.